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One of the leadingprivate law firms in Shenzhen and South China, SD & Partners wasestablished by a group of lawyers share common values of unyielding integrity,personal responsibility and tenacity.


With a team ofmore than 200 lawyers and supporting staffs, the firm is committed to providelegal service of highest quality. Our lawyers are among the best graduates ofthe most prestigious law schools in china or overseas. Many of our lawyers havelaw degrees or years of legal work experience from US, UK, Canada, Singapore orHK. Half of our partners hold master or doctor degrees and armed with manyyears of hands-on experience.


We offer a broaderrange of legal expertise, including Finance & Security, Investment,Insurance, Shipping & Trade, Real estate, Insolvency, and Litigation &Arbitration.  We have served more than600 financial institutes, well-known corporations and departments of governmentproviding legal service to over 150 cross-border listing and Mergers & Acquisitionsdeals, over 30 liquidation and liquidation cases and 10 billion RMB bad-loanrestructuring.


Teamwork iscentral to the way we work with all our clients and the way we manage ourbusiness. We take care to match the expertise and personalities of our teammembers to your requirements. Our size, combined with the structure of thefirm, means that we can guarantee a high degree of partner involvement, therebyproviding you with a fast and efficient legal service that is also costeffective.

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